tortoiseshell Clubmaster-style sunglasses near beaded brown necklace

Welcome to our wonderful website! was created for anointed men of God called to preach and teach the Word ; men of class and distinction!  
Our collection of hand towels is made of high quality terry velour. The soft terry cloth is absorbent, while the velour adds a stylish touch of class to assorted embroidered designs. As you look through our distinguished collection, I’m sure you’ll find a hand towel or two that meets your needs.
God bless you.
     Christina Jeffers, Founder & Owner

 Signature Collection

God gave us Apostles, Prophets, Bishops, Pastors, Elders, and other Men of God for the perfecting of the Saints and the work of the Lord.

These absorbent 16"x24" terry velour hand towels can assist them in these endeavors. 

Photo Credit to:  Key Xpression Designs


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